The Wood Shed San Diego Wedding | Helen + JK

This may sound weird to most but one of my favorite parts about Helen and JK’s Wood Shed wedding is how completely uninterested Helen was in the “details” and formalities of it all. There was no first dance… unless you count the lap dance JK gave Helen. No parent dances, although the parents were getting down from the moment the ceremony ended. Not even a formal dinner or dinner time, just delicious tacos being made to order all night. The venue is a statement piece all on it’s own, so all it needed was a raging party to fill it and these guys’ didn’t disappoint!

Their whole day start to finish was about nothing other than celebrating their love… and it was amazing!

Las Vegas Elopement Photography | Romy + David

I love these two so damn much!! Romy's short laced wedding dress is something I have never seen before and if you pay attention you'll notice her awesome Wifey4Lifey pocketbook. 

They are freaking gorgeous, could do no wrong and the looks they throw are just plain HOT!

Don't miss this gorgeous indie Las Vegas Elopement.

Estate On Second Wedding | Perla + Isai

This Venue! I am officially in love with The Estate on Second in Santa Ana. It is to die for!!! And then couple it with the amazing work of Penelope Pots Floral Design and Grounded Dream Events and it's un-freaking-believable. 

Perla + Isai seriously killed it! So stunning and so much love and then topped it with a reception full of group games instead of dancing. It was definitely a wedding day I'll never forget.