Charllotte, Derek + Lenore | San Diego Family Photographer

So, when you think of San Diego what comes to mind? Sun, warmth, beach days...?  Well it just so happens that I am the bringer of weather and being from Vegas and all, this typically entails me bringing a bout of sunshine and warmth to places like Portland or Seattle. Truthfully, in all the time I've spent in the pacific northwest I've only ever seen it rain once in Seattle, once in Eugene and never in Portland.

Some say it's just good luck but I think not.

But this time around Vegas was just coming out of a damp, freezing week. So what do you think I was welcomed with? Rain! Days and days straight of rain... in San Diego!! (unheard of) 

Although our day was nothing like we planned we headed out to the Geisel Library in La Jolla and made the best of the sporadic clear skies amongst the thick fog. it may have turned into a mini-session but we had a great time!


xo Belinda