Las Vegas Elopement Photographers | Aiza + Sam

Our favorite thing in the world is getting to meet amazing couples... learning all about their awesome love... falling in love with them ourselves and then spending one indescribable day documenting the culmination of all these tiny love filled moments thus far in their lives.

It's thrilling. It's humbling. It's breathtaking.

Now in Vegas things tend to go a bit different. Much to our couples dismay we typically aren't allowed at ceremonies. (well, not in most chapels or casinos) But that doesn't mean we can't go adventure and capture all the feels!

We still want to run wild with you... laugh with you... cry with you. We still want to fall in love with you!

PS. Here's Aiza + Sams pre-ceremony elopement day adventure! Don't you just love her wedding jumpsuit?!?!?

Long Beach + Mammoth California Wedding Photographers | Laura + Jordan

We love weddings and we love love and all the magic that comes along with both. But theres something kinda different and special about getting to photograph people that you've watched grow up. 

We end up with an amazing bond with all of our couples and their families by the end of the day, but it's different when you get to walk into a day with that strength and love already there. 

We love this family so much and being a part of their day... in this way... was beyond amazing! 

Rancho Buena Vista Adobe Wedding Photographers | Kelly + Andrew

Oh my goodness, I don't think I have ever seen as much love as I did at Kelly & Andrews Rancho Buena Vista Adobe wedding. Kelly was giddy and giggling from the first moment I saw her and she never stopped. It was contagious. And I cried... not just once but at least 5 times. 

Please... more weddings with more love because you can never, ever have enough!