Las Vegas Desert Engagement Photographers | Karolina + Jocelyn

Karolina and Jocelyn… these two amazing women simply blew me away. Getting to witness such sweet, playful love is truly one of the great joys of my life. To be honest, I had wanted to shoot these two for awhile but I just had to wait until they were ready and came to me. I knew (from stalking Karolinas IG) that they would be an absolute blast but this was so much better than even I had imagined.

When we first started chatting and planning their session I knew I wanted to help create something that would be meaningful and special and true to who they are. After they both mentioned a California road trip being one of their favorite memories together it was obvious that we had to run with the road trip adventure vibes… and with the help of some special people we got to add this gorgeous red classic Chevy Camaro to our session and it just put it over the top.

So we headed out to a gorgeous little desert area outside of Vegas where the joshua trees are plentiful, the hills are vast and the people are few and far between. They played music, danced, ran around, hiked and loved so hard! And these right here are the days I live for!


Monument Valley Engagement Photographer | Casey + Trevor

So, we just got back from Portland where these two awesome beings got hitched! On the morning of their wedding I wanted to re-share their gorgeous Monument Valley engagement session… until I realized that I had somehow never blogged it. So, apparently baby brain lasts well through the toddler years and I’m not sure if I’m ever going to get my mind back completely.

Either way check these two out! We met for the first time as we carried our luggage into our shared little cabin where each couple secretly hoped the other wasn’t a murderer. (we’re not by the way!) Then we shot in the most amazing desert I have ever visited and then bonded over vodka rockstars and extremely horrible food and stayed up late talking about everything under the sun. Although I usually prefer to do that in the reverse order (and get all buddy buddy first) they still killed it!

Can’t wait to share their Portland Oregon Loft wedding here soon!

Horseshoe Bend and Antelope Canyon Engagement Session | Alexa + JT

The best way to get to know someone is to go on an adventure with them. To hike, climb and explore... and then get drenched while being pelted by sand in the middle of a lightning storm. Seriously the best!

Now... if I can just convince all of my couples to mark a trip off their bucket list for their engagement session life would be an absolute dream.