Show Me Your Love

Well Hello Lovelies!

Welcome to the first ever Show Me Your Love contest where one of you lucky ducks will receive a $300 Beloved Experience gift certificate! And even more exciting is that everyone who participates will receive some sort of goody!

Now I know some of you are wondering, "What the heck is a Beloved Experience?" Well I have yet to find the perfect short answer to this, but the Beloved Experience is the session that I give to all the beautiful souls that come to work with me. Our sessions are quite different as I believe they have to be in order to give you a heartfelt experience instead of just "pictures". They are silly, fun loving, emotional celebrations designed to reconnect you with those that you love. And we begin by taking the time to truly find out who you and your loved ones are and what makes you so special. (And believe me, you are all so incredibly beautiful and special!)

And in case you'd like a peek of what that looks like it goes a little something like this...

And now for the "How To" which is as easy as pie!

1. Go to our facebook fan page and hit the "like" button.
2. Fill out the form below as well as comment below by answering the following question. Why do you and your loved one or family need a beloved session? 

***huge brownie points for long answers and fun details***

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