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Jasmin the Beautiful

Saying that this girl is an amazing soul is quite the understatement, but then again I may be biased... she's my daughter. She's creative, loving, independent, unique and shines like the sun

Jasmin - since I've met you, you've had my heart and I feel blessed by each and every moment that I get to be in your presence. I love you, always. 


And just because we love to have fun...

Kristen + Dion | Destination Wedding Photographer

I absolutely love working with couples that come to me after attending one of my past weddings and this is exactly how I met Kristen and Dion.

Although I was unable to photograph their casino wedding I was lucky enough to spend the morning with them, as well as a couple great hours in the afternoon running around the arts district. Our time was brief but so much fun! 

And oh, by the way... I think there's just something a bit more manly and handsome about black and whites.