Venice Italy Family Photographers | Alex + Wade

Last year Tony and I took a pretty epic 3 week vacation to Italy and Croatia. It was our first time to Europe and our first vacation alone since Atlas was born. And just in case you’re taking notes 3 weeks is a bit long in the eyes of an almost 3 year old. We’ve been back for about 8 months and I still can’t seem to go pee without him checking in to make sure I’m not sneaking out a window.

As much as we knew it would be amazing we had decided not to work on this trip… not to take a camera… just me, Tony and 2 backpacks. Shortly after that discussion Alex and Wade, whom you may remember from this gorgeous family session, wrote us to say they’d be in Venice during our first couple days in Rome. Well that changed a few things! We were now definitely going to be working and definitely bringing a camera… which I stuffed in my already small backpack.

On the morning of our first full day in Rome we found our way to the train station and headed on a quick whirl wind 20 hour trip to Venice. By the way… high speed Italian trains are amazing!!! We arrived with plenty of time to wander around and scout some barren cobblestone alley ways… and almost die of heat exhaustion! It was Venice’s hottest day on record and although we are from the desert it’s different when you want to explore and have no where to hide out.

Once we met up with this awesome family and caught up a bit, we headed out to the streets and braved the heat. I’ll be honest… they were miserable… we were miserable… but by looking at these images you would never know! They were such troopers and so much fun as always.

All I know is that we were told by so many people that had been in the past how horribly dirty Venice was and that we’d hate it but we just didn’t find it to be so. Venice was amazing and clean and I would really love to go back and create some gorgeous Venice wedding photography! I know we only had the chance to scratch the surface and i’m seriously itching for more!


Las Vegas Desert Engagement Photographers | Karolina + Jocelyn

Karolina and Jocelyn… these two amazing women simply blew me away. Getting to witness such sweet, playful love is truly one of the great joys of my life. To be honest, I had wanted to shoot these two for awhile but I just had to wait until they were ready and came to me. I knew (from stalking Karolinas IG) that they would be an absolute blast but this was so much better than even I had imagined.

When we first started chatting and planning their session I knew I wanted to help create something that would be meaningful and special and true to who they are. After they both mentioned a California road trip being one of their favorite memories together it was obvious that we had to run with the road trip adventure vibes… and with the help of some special people we got to add this gorgeous red classic Chevy Camaro to our session and it just put it over the top.

So we headed out to a gorgeous little desert area outside of Vegas where the joshua trees are plentiful, the hills are vast and the people are few and far between. They played music, danced, ran around, hiked and loved so hard! And these right here are the days I live for!


Mammoth Lakes Wedding Photographers | Leslie + Josh

Leslie and Josh have seriously been one of my favorite couples of 2018 and well… Ever. I knew from the moment she wrote (and after the 5 minutes I spent stalking her on Insta) that we had to be part of their day! I’m a total sucker for the mountains and the forest already but when Leslie mentioned Mammoth I was beyond stoked. If you haven’t been, you need to because you are missing out. So many lakes and hidden gems on this one mountain, it can seriously do no wrong. I’m pretty sure we could convert and totally be full on Mammoth Wedding Photographers and be happy with it!

Once we finally met up with these two in San Diego to talk about their epic wedding plans, a 30 minute coffee meeting turned into a full on 3 hour date. I think I can honestly say that I fell in love with them both that morning.

Leslie and Josh trekked up to Mammoth with 30 or so of their closest peeps. They stayed and got ready at the Tamarack Lodge which sits on the shore of Twin Lakes and is just gorgeous. After slipping on the most delicate wedding dress I think I’ve ever seen, we ventured out to the most amazing overlook for their first look. Watching the two of them come together was pure fire… Josh’s rusty suit matched Leslie’s hair and it was all just ridiculous.

After a little alone time we headed to their venue at the Pokonobe Lodge. I swear, even though these two had walked us through the epicness of their forest clearing ceremony site and every detail of their jewel toned fall inspired reception… I was not prepared and was beyond blown away at the sheer gorgeousness of it all! And to top it off they designed and made a lot of the details themselves. The only thing that made it better was the freaking amazing florals by Mums n’ Roses and the mind blowing cake from Cloud 9 Bakery.

Everything, every moment, every person was just over flowing with love. And everything Leslie and Josh did made it so easy to see exactly who these two human beings were. But I think my absolute favorite thing they did (other than Leslie’s rendition of “You are my Poo Poo” sang to the tune of “You are my Sunshine” during her wedding vows) was to make sure every one of their loved ones wedding songs were played at the reception. It was awesome to see each couple light up and run to the dance floor to have their own private moment.

Time for me to shut up so you can enjoy…