well hello... 

I've always been super nervous when it comes to writing about myself. There's just something about attempting to put who I am into words that feels quite vulnerable.  But I'll do my best.

Growing up I remember being the kind of child that was always a bit more emotional than everyone else. I loved super intensely, was passionate about things that a lot of people couldn't understand and my empathy levels were, well... quite ridiculous.   

Years later you'd think that I would have grown out of my over emotional demeanor... but nah, not really. I still believe in an over flowing passionate love that will forever leave butterflies in your stomach. And that single moments, if you just open your eyes and let them, can change your entire existence.  I believe that every couple and every journey and every love is so completely different, but when explored are all just as amazingly beautiful.  

And so, simply put, I am not a photographer but instead an explorer of love.