A New Beginning

In all of my life a "New Year" has never meant as much to me as this one does. Sure, each and every one has begun with an outrageously over enjoyable new years party, sprinkled with the hopes of a year full of amazing travel and doused with an over abundance of optimism that I'm known for.

But this year... this one is different.

This new years eve was spent holding my son, standing close to one of my nearest and dearest while watching fire works from my backyard. Enjoying moments of laughter, bouts of quiet contemplation and feeling the joy that only a parent can while watching their small child (for the first time ever) truly imagine what the hopes of a new year could bring. 

This, my friends, is the year that every fiber of my being - at every moment that I'm awake - is screaming that life is truly amazing. This is the year of amazing exploration in every imaginable direction and I'm not quite sure what's in store for me but I'm so excited to find out!

And for this new journey, a new blog. Stay as long as you like, enjoy all you see and let me show you love.